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Insurance Information

If you have orthodontic insurance benefits, our staff would be happy to file claims on your behalf. For quick and efficient processing of your claims, please do the following.

  • Check with your employer's insurance clerk and verify that you have orthodontic coverage. Your dental benefits depend on the contract that your employer purchased from the insurance company.
  • Provide us with your insurance card so we can make a copy for your file.
  • Provide the names of your employer, addresses of the employer, the insurance company and the insured persons, as well as social security numbers of both the patient and the insured employee and their dates of birth.
  • If more than one insurance company is involved, please provide information on each one. Be advised that only primary insurance will be filed.

After your consultation, we will fill out a pretreatment estimate claim form to provide your treatment needs and cost to the insurance company. They will notify you in writing and tell you how much they will pay and when.

After your insurance coverage is confirmed, we can proceed with treatment. Your insurance company requires us to submit a claim on the date the appliances are placed. This is when your insurance becomes active and pays benefits. You may assign the benefits to our office or receive them personally.

Our staff will discuss payment arrangements for the amount not covered by insurance. If you choose to finance the balance, then all responsible parties must sign a Federal Truth in Lending Contract.

We are happy to assist in providing your insurance provider with the information needed to help maximize your benefits.

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