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Why Choose BracesBracesBraces?

When it comes to choosing a dentist for you or your child, there's a lot to consider. Here at BracesBracesBraces, we are proud to offer the finest in orthodontic care that Lubbock, Midland and the surrounding areas has to offer. Here's why!

  • Our doctors have years of experience and world class education in both dental practice and orthodontics.
  • We very carefully plan your treatment right from the beginning, providing progress reports and information to ensure the quality of treatment and adherence to your orthodontic plan.
  • Our advanced treatment options and equipment, such as Invisalign invisible braces, suit any orthodontic necessities or aesthetic desires.

We make braces fun!

  • Our offices offer a fun and friendly environment that helps both kids and adults relax.
  • Dr. Norton loves kids, and has children himself. Dr. Norton and his wife have two kids.
  • Each of our offices is easy to find and has ample parking, taking the headaches out of your appointments.

We keep braces affordable!

  • We always offer free screenings and appointments all the way until you or your child is ready for braces. These free, early intervention appointments can also reduce the length of treatment in some cases!
  • We are happy to file your insurance claims for you and take care of all insurance paperwork.
  • Financing options are available, too!

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