For Current Patients at BracesBracesBraces

Thank you again for choosing BracesBracesBraces for your orthodontic treatment! For our current patients, we have collected several resources about braces, retainers and more to help you make the most of your orthodontics. Read on for more!

Do's and Don'tsFor many patients, having braces may mean changing some eating habits. Learn the Do's and Don'ts here!

EmergenciesHave a wire poking or a broken bracket and not sure what to do? We have the directions you need on what to do in case of an orthodontic emergency.

How to Brush and FlossBraces can create more ways to trap food and bacteria in your teeth. Learn how to avoid the common pitfalls of stains and other problems by learning the correct way to brush and floss with braces.

Braces DiagramThis diagram gives you an in-depth look at what exactly is going on inside your mouth after your braces have been put in.

RetainersA must read for anyone who has recently received an orthodontic retainer following the removal of braces.

Orthodontic GlossaryA list of terms and their meanings to help you better understand your orthodontic treatment.

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